Yahoo email not sending photos?

Remain Nameless

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May 14, 2007
Anyone else having difficulty with this? Even though it makes the "whoosh!" sound like the email and photo have been sent, none of my friends have received anything from me (I've tried different people with the different email address during the past weekend... no luck at all).

I've had it working just fine before, now randomly, no dice! :(

Any tips or words of advice? This is really harshing me right now...

P.S. I just noticed it's having problems sending just normal text emails as well now :( Damn!


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Aug 3, 2008

I would try to do the following:

1. Delete the account:
Settings->mail, calendars and contacts-> Choose your account->then at the bottom hit delete

Then in the same menu add account and put in your information.

If this does not work try Reseting network settings

This will only reset the APN and Wi-Fi settings, but no content will be erased

Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings

If that does not do the trick you can try and reset the settings on your phone, this will reset your preferences.

Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings

Hope that does the trick, if not you might have to restore the iPhone