Yahoo "Push" On/Off Button and "Fix"(Sorta)


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Jul 1, 2007
Ok, basically the Yahoo "PUSH" feature doesn't work...for anyone. Sure it will work sometimes....but that's crap. It should just work. In my experience with 2 iPhones(wife has one), the yahoo "Push" feature will work for a short time after the iPhone has been restarted...then no mail will come AT ALL, unless you manually check the Mail app.

Also, I have noticed that the Mail app will IGNORE your "Auto-check" settings if the "PUSH" feature is set to "On". Even though I had it set to 15 mins, it would only download new Gmail messages and my Yahoo mail would not download until I manually checked it.

So....In my Yahoo Advanced settings, I set the "Use Push Mail" to Off, and set the "Auto-check" to 15 mins. Now it DOES download my yahoo mail every 15 minutes.

Much better than going hours without getting mail.
I only have my Yahoo account on my phone, and unless I add my Gmail or other account there isn't even a choice about push or auto-check. I may just add the Gmail so I can do as you suggest, thanks.

[edit 1] OK, I added Gmail but I don't see how to turn off the PUSH. :oops:

[edit 2] OK, so now I hear that the PUSH setting is only in 1.1.1, so I can't use it, but I also hear it doesn't work anyway. I may move to 1.1.1 but right now I still like my apps and mods too much.